Tang, T.L., Luna-Arocas, R., y Whiteside, H.D.

Personnel Review, 2003, 32, 6, 756-773

This research examines the money ethic scale (budget, evil, equity, success, and motivator), self-reported income, demographic variables, and life satisfaction among 207 professors in the USA and 102 professors in Spain. Results suggested that the female/male income ratio was 70.95 percent for American professors and 63.82 percent for Spanish professors. American faculty reported higher scores on factors budget, equity, and success, and lower scores on factor evil than their Spanish counterparts. Sex (male), factors budget, education, and work experience were predictors of American professors’ income, while work experience, sex (male), education, and factor motivator were predictors of Spanish professors’ income. For the American sample, marital status (married), factors budget, sex (male), a low level of education, and a low level of factor success were predictors of life satisfaction, whereas for the Spanish sample, marital status (married), young age, and factor budget were predictors of life satisfaction. Income was not related to life satisfaction in both samples.