Tang, T.L., Tillery, K.R., Lazarevski, B. and Luna-Arocas, R.

Journal of Managerial Psychology, 2004, 19, 5, 542-548

Abstract This study examines the love of money and work-related attitudes and identifies four money profiles based on a sample of citizens in the Republic of Macedonia. Achieving Money Worshipers (the highest scores on Factors Success, Motivator, and Budget and the lowest on Evil) had the highest active involvement in work activities. Careless Money Admirers (the lowest score on Factor Budget) had the highest external locus of control, the highest involvement, and lowest success avoidance. Apathetic Money Managers (the lowest scores on Factors Success and Motivator) had the highest internal locus of control and the lowest involvement. Money Repellent Individuals (the highest score on Factor Evil) had the lowest competitiveness and the highest success avoidance. Results provide the validity of the Love of Money Scale and the four money profiles.